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14th-Aug-2006 08:33 pm - Sperm-donor siblings unite online
Sperm-donor siblings unite online
Banks don't disclose medical information, so moms seek answers elsewhere
The Associated Press

Updated: 7:04 p.m. ET Aug. 11, 2006

NEDERLAND, Colo. - Michelle Jorgenson thought it was odd that her 8-year-old daughter Cheyenne — conceived with sperm from a mystery man known to Jorgenson only as Donor 3066 — was extremely sensitive to sound and walked on her toes.

Jorgenson started checking on the Internet and soon learned of at least six other children around the country who were fathered by 3066. And of those seven, she discovered to her alarm, two have autism, and two others, Cheyenne included, show signs of a sensory disorder tied closely to autism.
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11th-Aug-2006 11:14 am - abortion clinic won't be sanctioned
abortion clinic won't be sanctioned
Thursday, August 10, 2006


A state appeals court Wednesday declined to sanction an Englewood abortion clinic that was accused of filing a frivolous lawsuit against an antiabortion group.

Metropolitan Medical Associates -- known for dramatic protests it attracted in the 1990s -- sued the Legal Center for Defense of Life two years ago, saying the group organized pickets who intimidated patients and blocked public access to the clinic.
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From: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060810/ap_on_re_as/india_aborting_females_1;_ylt=Arw26zOaaHItHRx1ZiEH4pXfrGIF;_ylu=X3oDMTA2ZGZwam4yBHNlYwNmYw--

NEW DELHI - Authorities arrested a former army soldier and his wife for allegedly aborting female fetuses, several of which were found dumped in a well behind an illegal clinic the couple are charged with running, a police officer said Thursday.

The former soldier, Pritam Singh, had pretended to be a doctor for years and was assisted by his wife Amarjit Kaur, the investigating officer, Jagveer Singh, told The Associated Press.

He said the two had helped deliver many children, but also worked with other expectant parents to determine the sex of their fetuses and abort the female ones — a common, but illegal, practice that has skewed India's gender ratio in favor of boys.

Many Indian families prefer boys and see girls as a burden. While abortion is legal here, finding out the sex of a fetus and aborting it because of its gender is not.

But a law against prenatal sex determination has been widely flouted among better-off Indians since it was enacted in 1994.

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FDA to act quickly on morning-after pill

Associated Pess

WASHINGTON — The maker of the morning-after pill said it received assurances today that the government would quickly settle a three-year battle to sell the emergency contraceptive without a prescription to at least some women.
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Baby badges help pregnant women get to work

Tue Aug 8, 8:43 AM ET

Tokyo rail companies are providing pregnant women with badges in the hope of prompting other passengers on the Japanese capital's crowded trains to offer them seats.

The pink and blue badges reading: "There is a baby in my belly" are being handed out at stations around the region to try to make commuting and other train journeys easier for pregnant women, who are often left standing. No proof of pregnancy is required.
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7th-Aug-2006 08:08 pm - In defense of abortion clinic
In defense of abortion clinic
Women activists lead fight against right-wing
By Kathy Durkin
Published Aug 6, 2006 8:14 AM

During the week of July 15-22, the right-wing in Jackson, Mississippi, was set back by strong pro-choice forces who gathered to protect the Jackson Women’s Health Organization—the only clinic in the state that performs abortions.

“I feel very victorious. There were no arrests, nor was anyone hurt. The clinic didn’t close down. And we got a lot of support and made friends in the community,” Michelle Colón, president of Jackson-area NOW and member of the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Coalition, told Workers World.
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7th-Aug-2006 08:04 pm - Birthplace of feminist purchased
Birthplace of feminist purchased
Anthony home may be opened

By Associated Press | August 6, 2006

ADAMS -- The birthplace of suffragist leader Susan B. Anthony was sold for $164,500 at auction yesterday, town officials said.

The two-story, 1,566-square-foot home was purchased by Carol Crossed of Rochester, N.Y., according to the Adams Historical Commission.

Crossed is an official with Democrats for Life of America, an antiabortion organization. She said a member of Feminists for Life of America, an antiabortion and feminist group she belongs to, will live in the house, which she hopes to eventually open to the public.
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Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Overturned
Laura Donnelly
January 31, 2006

This just in: Despite the fact that Samuel Alito was confirmed to the Supreme Court, there is some good news concerning reproductive rights today. The U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, just ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood in the organization's challenge of the federal abortion ban.
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"Culture war" in America may be overblown: poll

Thu Aug 3, 3:45 PM ET

The so-called culture wars rending America over such issues as abortion, gay marriage and stem cell research may be overblown, based on a U.S. poll released on Thursday.

"Despite talk of 'culture wars' and the high visibility of activist groups on both sides of the cultural divide, there has been no polarization of the public into liberal and conservative camps," the Pew Research Center said, commenting on its poll of 2,003 American adults.
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5th-Aug-2006 02:32 pm - Utah drafts abortion bill
Utah drafts abortion bill

State legislator set if Roe v. Wade falls
By Angie Welling
Deseret Morning News

A conservative state lawmaker who pushed a failed anti-abortion measure earlier this year has plans for another that would instantly ban abortions in the state if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.
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