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Your source for abortion and reproduction-related news

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Your source for reproduction-related news
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What is this all about?
This community was created in order to serve a need for those in the LiveJournal community who wish to keep informed about current events regarding reproductive rights and human life issues. In particular, the community deals with issues that are related to abortion, both in the United States and abroad.

So what is posted, exactly?
The primary focus of the community is to present news articles and, on the rare occasion commentary, (and on the extremely rare occasion, blogs) that reflect current trends in reproductive rights and human life issues today. The articles come from a variety of sources from a variety of spectrums of thought, the grand sum of should strive to reflect a balanced perspective on the issue in today's context.

Is this community pro-choice or pro-life?
Neither, but all sides of the debate are welcome. The idea is to educate and discuss, not polarize and alienate.

Who can post?
Anyone can post, but all posts must conform to the posting criteria. Posts that are anything but articles will be deleted, repeat posting offenders will be banned. Moderation reserves the right to reject any post that does not fit the qualification of a news article or commentary. News articles shall be no older than 3 weeks from publication date, and commentary shall be no older than 4 months from publication date (more here).

Are there rules to comment?
The only rule is that commenters stay respectful in tone: No personal attacks. No disrespectful language. Deletion of comments is absolutely forbidden. Repeat violators will be banned.

So how do I join?
Click here.

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There is one pro-choice moderation position available. E-mail me (pattiecake) to apply.